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Badgers Back 2021 - Spring Hill College's COVID-19 health and safety planning.  Click here for more

Spring 2020-21 Academic Details

Badgers Back 2020-21 – Features

At this time, SHC is committed to offering Spring 2021 courses in three formats:

  1. Traditional face-to-face (with appropriate health safety measures in place).
  2. Fully online (the student may be on or off-campus, but attendance in a physical classroom is unnecessary).
  3. Hybrid (course instruction will take place online and in-person with the faculty member determining the amount of each).

Spring 2021 is based on a calendar for the Spring semester that includes the following changes:

  • Mardi Gras break is eliminated
  • Spring Break is eliminated
  • Students will have rest days throughout the semester: Feb. 23, March 23, April 2 (Good Friday), and April 14

Classrooms and Alternate Spaces

Given social distancing requirements, we are looking at available and potential classroom spaces and determining occupancy limits to allow for social distancing. We want to be sensitive to the kinds of teaching and learning that require specific times and spaces. While labs in the sciences and studio time for visual arts are the most obvious examples of courses needing to meet on campus in specific spaces, we know that there are also courses that depend upon specific equipment and specific activities that are best conducted in-person.

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