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Philosophy is a systematic reflection on the basic questions which have piqued human curiosity for centuries: where we come from, what we ought to do, what we may hope for, and who we really are. Philosophy is a part of being human, and so it’s practical and relevant to everyone.

Explore these questions, hone critical thinking skills, and push the frontiers of human understanding as a philosophy major at Spring Hill College.


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Phi Sigma Tau


Hutchinson Award, Philosophy Presidential Scholar Award

Program Goals

This program will educate students in various topics that require deep thought and reflection while also teaching and sharpening their critical thinking skills. Our bachelor’s in philosophy allows students to grow academically, spiritually, and ethically all at the same time.

  • Students who study only one narrow set of skills, especially skills that computers or robots also possess, are in danger of losing their jobs to automation. You should ensure that you build a flexible foundation of vital intellectual skills.
  • Philosophy majors score at or near the top in all post-graduate exams and admission rates to professional schools, such as graduate school, law school, medical school, and business school.
  • Philosophy makes the world better. The return to society on investment for a philosophy major is similar to that of an engineering major.
  • And—believe it or not—philosophers are well-paid too!

Career Outlook

Graduates of this program will be able to harness their critical thinking skills in real-world situations. Their higher level decision-making processes will be honed and ready to find the optimal solution to problems. This philosophy degree provides students with practical knowledge and skills that employers search for constantly.


“I wouldn’t trade Spring Hill for anything. My professors’ office doors are always open, whether it’s for something related to class, or just talking about life in general. My classes have been incredibly beneficial in teaching me to problem-solve, live with integrity, think critically, and never stop asking questions.” — Alexis Esneault


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  • Victor DiFate

    Associate Professor, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Christopher Dodsworth


  • Michael Ferry

    Professor, Department Chair of Philosophy

  • Chelsea Haramia

    Associate Professor, Gender Studies Program Director

  • Daniel Massey

    Associate Professor, General Studies Program Director

  • Thomas Metcalf

    Associate Professor, Director of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Why SHC?

  • At Spring Hill College, we’re making our mark – With our small class sizes and affordable tuition, Spring Hill College is uniquely qualified to provide a high quality education to our students. Our Jesuit, Catholic college education is renowned as a well-rounded higher education approach, with an emphasis on empowering students with a passion for knowledge and personal growth. With our recent tuition cut, Spring Hill College is one of the most affordable private colleges in the country.
  • We’re curious and inspired – Forbes Magazine has ranked Spring Hill College as one of the top ten best colleges for return on investment (ROI). In our class of 2021, 92% of graduates attained placement six months after graduation through employment, graduate/professional school, internship or service.
  • We’re doers – Our students contribute 24,000 hours on average to the local community through the Foley Center each year. 100% of the 2020 graduates that applied to medical school were accepted. Spring Hill College has a 100% certification rate and a 92% placement rate with our Education program over the last five years.

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