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Concentration in Management and Marketing

The objective of the Management and Marketing Concentration is to provide students with an understanding of the various aspects of modern organization management and marketing practices.

Specifically, in the areas of organizational behavior, principles of logistics, supply chain management, marketing research and marketing management. After completing this program, students can expect to find job roles in businesses or organizations where they will apply and expand their skills obtained at Spring Hill. Many students will continue their studies in this area at the graduate level.

Certificate in Management and Marketing

The objective of the management and marketing certificate is to provide the student with exposure to the foundations of management and marketing theory, and insight into practical applications of these ideas into the business organization.

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Core Business Curriculum

MGT 301Management Principles
MKT 311Marketing Principles
FIN 301Financial Management
CIS 381Information Systems
PHL 313Business Ethics (CORE)
ECO 101Principles of Macroeconomics (CORE)
ACC 201Principles of Accounting I
ACC 202Principles of Accounting II
CIS 115Applications in Computer Information Systems (CORE)

Courses in the Management and Marketing Concentration

SCM 401Principles of Logistics and SCM
MGT 320Organizational Behavior
BUS 320International Business or MKT 495 Special Topics in Marketing
MKT 422Marketing Research

Select 2 more upper-level BUS or approved courses

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