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Applied Mathematics C

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Applied mathematics involves using mathematics to solve real world problems, in particular, challenges faced in scientific research and in the development of new technology.

Our Careers

  • Statistician
  • Teacher
  • Graduate Student
  • 3D Modeler
  • Actuary
  • Operations Researcher

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 4
  • Popular Second Majors: Business
  • Clubs: Math Club


Matthew Burke '14

Campus life is about as vibrant as I could have hoped for. The people are friendly, the activities are fun, the night life is fun, and the campus is beautiful. The feeling on campus is one where anyone can feel welcome and anyone can find their niche.

— Matthew Burke '14

Mary Catherine McKinley '15

Being a math major at SHC is amazing because it's a small program and you become so close with your fellow classmates and professors. It's like a mini-family inside the SHC family.

— Mary Catherine McKinley '15

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