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Minor in French Language

Do you dream about living in Paris and adore the art of Monet, Cezanne, and Renior? Have you studied foreign films like Les Misérables, Diabolique, and Amelie? Do you find yourself fascinated by French fashion, food, and culture?

If your answer is an enthusiastic “Oui!” then Spring Hill College’s minor in French is the perfect program for you.

Required Courses

  • FRE 101 Elementary French I
  • FRE 102 Elementary French II
  • FRE 201 Intermediate French I
  • FRE 202 Intermediate French II

Electives (Choose 4-6)

  • FRE 301 Advanced French Grammar and Composition
  • FRE 303 Advanced French Conversation
  • FRE 310 Survey of French Literature I
  • FRE 311 Survey of French Literature II
  • FRE 315 Survey of French Cinema
  • FRE 381 Selected Studies
  • FRE 401-402 Independent Study


Ashley Sanders '14

I began studying French when I was five years old; it’s always been my passion. When it came time to choose college programs, Spring Hill’s minor in French was a great fit for me. Dr. Windish makes it a priority get to know all of her students and engage us in different ways. Her ability to connect with people is genuinely inspiring. I’m excited to apply everything I’ve learned from her in my own classroom.

— Ashley Sanders '14

Dr. Colette Windish

I know my students very, very well. I know what their interests are, and their strengths. We’re so close, almost like a small family. It’s wonderful to have that personal relationship, and watch my students grow and blossom.

— Dr. Colette Windish

Career Options

  • Teaching
  • Translation
  • Social work
  • Bilingual services
  • Foreign services
  • Editors/Journalists
  • Travel/Hospitality

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 1
  • Emphasis within minor: Language, History, Literature
  • Honor Society: Phi Sigma Iota
  • Clubs: French Club, International Studies Club
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