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Master of Liberal Arts

Whether you are seeking a career change, job advancement, or the opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion, consider enrolling in Spring Hill College’s Master of Liberal Arts degree

Whereas most graduate programs ask you to become more and more specialized, the MLA at Spring Hill College helps you to both broaden and deepen your educational and professional experience.

Work with your own personal Spring Hill College advisor to tailor the graduate program to your own professional and intellectual interests. Explore topics including history, religion, literature, philosophy, leadership, and fine arts.

Class profile

  • Average class size: 12
  • Approximate Male/Female Ratio: 35/65
  • Working professionals: 75%

Certificate options:

  • Leadership & Ethics
  • Studio Arts

Benefits of SHC Graduate Degree:

  • Our coursework can be customized to fit your intellectual goals
  • Offers a broad-based cultural and intellectual curriculum
  • Core classes feature small, seminar-style instruction
  • Faculty are drawn from departments from all corners of the College
  • Exceptional faculty


  • Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • History & Social Sciences
  • Leadership & Ethics

Where Our Graduates Work

Our students come from many professional backgrounds, some look for a position after getting the MLA, but many already have established professional careers (such as in the U.S. Coast Guard or in Gulf Coast area professions, organizations and businesses).


Jon Host

Whether on-campus, online, or hybrid, Spring Hill College’s courses and curricula have been designed to work with and for the non-traditional student. My classes have been large enough to ensure intellectual stimulation from multiple perspectives, and small enough to guarantee plenty of attention from my instructors.

— Jon Host

Lindsay Hughes '08

Completing the MLA program at Spring Hill College was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly loved the thought-provoking discussions with my classmates, who became my dear friends throughout our academic journey together. I greatly valued the support from my professors, who were always there to encourage me when I became overwhelmed. The MLA program reignited a love for reading and writing within me. I learned so much about the world and about myself, and for all of these things I am forever grateful.

— Lindsay Hughes '08

Program Requirements

  • LIS 503 Modernity
  • LIS 501 or Classical Antiquity or
  • LIS 502 or The Medieval World or
  • LIS 505 The Scientific Revolution
  • ENG 5xx or ARH 501 or ART 5xx
  • HIS 5xx/ECO 5xx/POL 5xx/SOC 5xx/PSY 5xx
  • LIS 504 or Non-Western Culture or
  • LIS 580 or Women’s Studies or
  • LIS 585 Studies in Cultural Diversity
  • LIS 592 or Master’s Project or
  • LIS 595 Seminar in Liberal Arts


  • LIS 571/BUS 520 Organizational Behavior
  • LIS 572/BUS 525 Leadership
  • LIS 573/BUS 530 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • LIS 574/BUS 592 Conflict Management


  • What are the test requirements for admission? Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 or MAT score that ranks at least in the 41st percentile in the Humanities
  • Will this degree fit my schedule? All classes needed to complete the degree are available in evening classes (most of them on a one night per week schedule, with some online and hybrid courses offered in both Summer and regular Fall/Spring sessions)
  • How many credit hours are needed to complete the degree? 30 credit hours to complete the MLA; 12 credit hours to earn the certificate in Leadership and Ethics offered in the Liberal Studies program; 18 credit hours to earn the Graduate Certificate in Studio Art
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