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Graduate Certificate in Studio Art

The Graduate Certificate in Studio Art is designed for students who have achieved a level of proficiency in studio art and who desire to refine their personal focus through painting and other media.

In a course of studies that is personally designed under the guidance of a member of the Fine Arts faculty, the student will clarify and further develop a conceptual basis for a cohesive body of work that is authentic and reflects the student’s own artistic voice.

The certificate requires completion of six courses in fine arts, at least four of which must be in studio art, and at least one of which must be in art history. The final course is a studio course which culminates in an exhibit of the student’s work.

Admission to the certificate program as a non-degree student requires a completed bachelor’s degree and the approval of the Fine Arts faculty, based on a review of the applicant’s transcript and portfolio. Students may complete the certificate as part of the Master of Liberal Arts degree program provided that they meet admission requirements for the MLA.

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