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Graduate Tuition and Fees 2021-2022

Our graduate programs are offered at tuition rates that are extremely competitive with other area institutions.

Tuition and Fees

M.B.A. (per credit hour)$540.00
M.A.T./M.S.ED. (per credit hour)$399.00
M.L.A. (per credit hour)$399.00
M.A. Theology
Specialized Certificates (per credit hour)
Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality (SICS) (per credit hour)$345.00
Informal Spirituality Audit rate for SICS (per credit hour)$125.00
R.N. to M.S.N. Bridge – Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour)$399.00
M.S.N. – Graduate Tuition: (per credit hour)$399.00
Late Registration Fee (per session)$30.00
Course Change Fee (after add/drop period)$10.00
Certificate Fee$90.00
CEU (per unit)$25.00
Parking Decal (per academic year)$50.00
Returned Check Fee$35.00
Diploma Replacement Fee$40.00
Easy Listening Fee (per credit hour)$50.00
Transcript$10.00 each
Transcript (within 24 hours)$25.00 each


Specific situations and courses require additional fees, which are indicated on the schedule of classes published by the Office of Graduate Studies.

The College reserves the right to change fees, services, or programs at any time.

Tuition for all graduate courses is determined by the degree the student is pursuing. The tuition rate for the program in which a student is enrolled determines the tuition rate for cross-listed or other special arrangement courses.

Full information on financial obligations is available in the Spring Hill College Bulletin of Information.

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