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Tuition and Fees 2020-2021

At Spring Hill, it is our firm commitment that a well-rounded, Jesuit education should be within reach to all those who desire it. So, we make every effort to make the Spring Hill experience affordable to families in all income ranges through a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs.

Tuition and Fees

Yearly Tuition and Fees
Comprehensive Fees$2,532.00
Total Tuition and Fees$41,868.00
Room and Board
Double Room*$7,322.00
Unlimited Meal Plan**$6,740.00
Total Room and Board$14,062.00
Total Direct Cost$55,930.00

*Some residence halls will be more expensive. See residence hall fee table for more information.

**Unlimited Meal Plans are mandatory for all residential freshmen.

Detailed Breakdown of Fees

Tuition and General Fees
(12-18 semester hours for credit or audit per semester)
per semester
Tuition Part-time
(less than 12 semester hours)
per credit hour
Tuition Overload
(excess of 18 earned, attempted, or audited credit hours)
per credit hour
Comprehensive Fee
(12-18 semester hours for credit or audit per semester)
per semester
Comprehensive Fee
(less than 12 semester hours)
per credit hour

Rooms (per year)

Double Occupancy
Toolen Hall & Walsh Hall$7,322.00
O’Leary Hall$7,322.00
Viragh Hall$7,322.00
New Hall$7,962.00
Skip’s Place$7,962.00
Skip’s Place (with private bath)$8,384.00
Mobile Hall Super Double (2 interior rooms, private bath)$8,384.00
Single Occupancy
O’Leary Hall$7,642.00
New Hall$9,126.00
Skip’s Place$9,126.00
Mobile Hall (with private bath)$9,548.00
Mobile Hall Super Single (larger room) (private bath)$9,764.00
Andrews and Rubin$9,456.00
Portier Place Single Apartment$11,248.00
Portier Place Double Room$9,126.00
Portier Place Single Room$10,404.00

Meal Plans (Mandatory for all residents, per year)

Unlimited Plan (includes $225 Badger Bucks per semester)$6,740.00
15 Meal Plan (15 meals per week + $275 Badger Bucks per semester)$6,556.00
10 Meal Plan (10 meals per week + $325 Badger Bucks per semester)$6,110.00
Apartment Meal Plan (7 meals per week + $300 Badger Bucks per semester) (Apartment Residents only)$3,722.00
Commuter 5 (5 meals per week + $100 Badger Bucks per semester)$1,368.00
Commuter Badger Bucks (per semester)$200.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Tuition Deposit (Refundable before May 1)$350.00
Course Change Fee (after drop/add period)$10.00
per form
Late Registration Fee$30.00
Returned Check Fee$35.00
per check
Payment Plan Registration Fee$46.00
per semester
Orientation/Badger Connection Fee – Freshman$275.00
Orientation/Badger Connection Fee – Transfer$100.00
Parking Decal (for residential and commuter students)$100.00
per year
Certificate Fee (joint programs)$90.00
Diploma Replacement Fee$40.00
Transcripts (within 24 hours)$25.00

Books are an additional cost.

Specific situations and courses require additional fees, which are indicated on the schedule of classes published by the Office of Continuing Studies.

The college reserves the right to change fees, services, or programs at any time. The tuition rate for the program in which a student is enrolled determines the tuition rate for cross-listed or other special arrangement courses.

Summer Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate tuition$399.00 per credit hour
Room and Board
Housing$24.26 per day
(available for Summer 1 term only)

Full information on financial obligations is available in the Spring Hill College Bulletin of Information.

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