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Quite the Production

The Communication Arts (CommArts) Department has created a comprehensive, multi-course collaboration experience to provide Spring Hill students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the media environment. 

The curriculum for the student media courses allow students to participate in each step of the news process from brainstorming story ideas to distribution of completed stories across several different platforms: print, web, broadcast and social media. Students enrolled in the three collaborating courses not only gain experience being on-camera but with operating the equipment behind it – learning what it’s like to be a reporter for web, television and print as well as the leadership skills required for directing and producing a news program.  

“This hands-on learning gives them a much better chance of being employed because they have all of this experience putting shows together,” said Bill Rowan, adjunct faculty member and an instructor of one of the courses. “It’s not just the knowing of it, it’s the doing of it, the integration of it.” Rowan, who provided and installed much of the highly sophisticated studio equipment, said the key to these courses is the unique set of skills students acquire by performing various functions required for content creation and distribution.

Stuart Babington, associate professor and department chair, teaches the foundational course on student media content. Johnny Stevens, integrated multimedia center operations manager, provides expertise and instruction to develop student media leadership skills. He and Rowan serve as co-instructors for a course focused on television production, which provides studio support for content producers and managers throughout the CommArts program. Local radio personality, Catt Sirten, provides additional audio instruction and support for these courses and other student efforts. 

With the new Spring Hill cable channel 16.1 up and running as Badger TV on campus, the studio provides significant resources to aid in the creation and delivery of news broadcasts and content programming. 

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