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From The President

Dear Spring Hill College community members,

This fall semester has brought a flurry of activity, and The Hill has been bustling with special guest lectureships, presentations, preparations for the next immersion trips, basketball practices, pumpkin carving contests, beach volleyball fundraisers, thought provoking discussions on topics relevant to our nation, and many more activities.

In the midst of this amalgam of richly diverse experiences, I am struck by a common theme that unites us – a central thread that speaks to the very nature of who we are. We are a group rooted in our Jesuit, Catholic essence, and for more than 186 years, we have been dedicated to excellence and to fostering the development of morally responsible young leaders who will leave our campus and make an impact on the world.  

And although constant, this tenet propels us forward toward new experiences, new challenges and growth. As the needs of our students change so, too, must we. Evidence of our evolution is present across The Hill – from implementation of our new vocational discernment program Pathways to Purpose, which was featured in the previous issue of the magazine, to preparations for broadcasts on our new Badger cable TV channel to mock interviews and internship placement fairs for career preparedness.

To be certain, bettering the world and enriching the experience for our students is no small feat, and at times requires the herculean efforts of many. None of what we do is possible without the support of our community of alumni, family and friends. You are integral to our continued success.

And as our thoughts turn to the holidays and of those we hold dear, I want to share with you some exceptional opportunities to learn more about our Spring Hill values in action. We hope to give you an understanding of how individualized instruction and mentoring from our chemistry faculty are preparing students for careers in the sciences. We invite you to learn more about the young gentlemen who serve as mentors at a local, underserved middle school in order to make a difference.

More than anything, on behalf of the college community, I want to thank you for your loyalty and continued support in moving Spring Hill College forward.


Christopher P. Puto, PhD ’64, President

SHC President Christopher P. Puto, PhD
SHC President Christopher P. Puto, PhD
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