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Jennifer Scalici '99

Board of Trustees

Spring Hill College

Jennifer Scalici, MD, graduated from Spring Hill College in 1999 with a degree in Chemistry and, without realizing it at the time, she absorbed the Jesuit educational experience. Over the years, this has impacted her perspective and helped guide her path toward medicine and cancer research.

“Looking back, I can clearly see the Jesuit influence specific to SHC every step of the way, and it is intimately woven into the fabric of who I am,” Scalici said. “My journey to this point has been absolutely what I needed it to be.”

This journey has gotten her where she is today: with a career in academic medicine as a Physician-Scientist, a practicing Gynecologic Oncology Physician, Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute (USA MCI) and Director of USA MCI’s Basic/Translational Gynecologic Oncology Research.

While at Spring Hill, she questioned and re-examined her dedication to medicine. This time confirmed her desire to work in medicine and helped her prepare for her medical education journey.

“Spring Hill College taught me discernment. It taught me to be quiet. It taught me to listen. It taught me to analyze and approach problems critically, candidly and openly as they are opportunities to learn,” she said. “The rest I give to the people who supported me in the process.”

She attended medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, trained at Northwestern University in Chicago and completed fellowship training at the University of Virginia. She then interviewed at USA MCI at the encouragement of a fellow Badger.

Outside of treating patients and teaching, Scalici is involved in national societies for gynecologic oncology and cancer research and sits on a committee that evaluates new cancer prevention ideas and methods. Most recently, her team received a grant through the Department of Defense research program to test an ovarian cancer prevention therapy that was developed at USA MCI. Her team is also working to understand the racial disparity in cancer treatment outcomes.

Scalici has continued her relationship with Spring Hill College as a member of the Board of Trustees since 2013. “My hope from my time on the Board is to preserve and maybe even enhance the transformational experience that SHC provides students,” she said.

She also wants to challenge other alumni to reflect on their own Spring Hill experiences. “Without the tools that SHC provided me, I don’t think that I would have the same sense of peace and fulfillment that I am doing what I am meant to be doing,” she said.

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