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Kimberly Novak


Phi Mu Sister

Discovering a Vocation

Being an indecisive person, Kimberly Novak came to Spring Hill College from Texas unsure of what career path to pursue, but time spent in the Spring Hill Career Services Department showed her how all of her passions could come together in the perfect career.

Coming from Weatherford High School, a small public school, Novak was looking for a college of a similar size but with a focus on Catholic faith. She wanted somewhere warm and where she would be able to get to know everyone and know what was going on.

“I wanted a place where I could feel safe expressing myself both religiously and politically, and I felt like Spring Hill has a campus where it’s just an open dialogue all the time,” she said.

Novak thought she might have an interest in Psychology because her friends would come to her for advice, but she was uncertain on what to focus and not ready to declare a major. She decided to take advantage of the variety of courses offered by a liberal arts college and feel out her options to see what suited her best.

She took Introduction to Psychology and loved it, but still wasn’t sure of a direction, so she visited with Jeremy Moore, Director of Career Services, and told him her interests, ideas and skills. She says that she wanted him to tell her how to put all of those things together to have a great career, and he did just that: recommending she look into Occupational Therapy. She shadowed an Occupational Therapist over Christmas break and knew she had found her calling.

“The faculty and staff at Spring Hill guided me in the right direction, but I was free to choose my own path and they were always supportive. And I learned that it’s not about who they want you to be but it’s about who you’ve always been.”

She changed to Health Sciences as a major briefly but soon returned to Psychology, knowing she could add whatever classes she needed. She said her Psychology classes helped her learn more about what she would be doing day to day in her therapy role. For her Field Experience class, she spent the semester shadowing four different therapists at Kids Count Therapy, a pediatric clinic in Daphne, Alabama. She got a great deal of hands-on work and was able to see different techniques in action during her time there.

“That really solidified that that’s exactly what I wanted to do,” Novak said. “It’s not that you just treat them and then they move on. It’s that you’re helping them not just live but you’re helping them get to experience life.”

After graduation, Novak is headed to Texas Tech University to pursue a Master of Occupational Therapy. She said the field provides her many avenues she could take but she plans to start in a pediatric setting and then go from there.

While on campus, Novak served as a SpringHillian Ambassador, Eucharistic Minister, Badger Connection Guide and Intern and as New Membership Director for Phi Mu fraternity. She participated in two International Service Immersion Program trips and studied abroad at the Spring Hill College Italy Center.

Looking back, she’s very thankful to Moore for helping her find the perfect vocation and develop a plan to pursue it.

“The faculty and staff at Spring Hill guided me in the right direction, but I was free to choose my own path and they were always supportive,” Novak said. “And I learned that it’s not about who they want you to be, but it’s about who you’ve always been. They just encourage you to stay true to yourself and follow your dreams but in a realistic and practical way.”

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