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Paige Elliot


LEAP Leader

Growing Through Campus Involvement

Paige Elliot, a graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Mobile, came to Spring Hill College as a college athlete on the softball team. Unsure of what to major in, she took different classes, got involved on campus and found herself in the process.

Starting out, Elliot took classes in subjects ranging from Biology to Education. But, it was a course on “Majors and Career Explorations” that helped her realize how much she loved history, reading and writing. This realization turned into an English major with a minor in History.

“Within the LEAP program, I have been able to refine a lot of the qualities that I had coming into Spring Hill and even build upon a few that had remained dormant until now. It [LEAP] gave me opportunities to be dependable and allowed me to hold others accountable as well.”

“While these subjects were something I’ve typically done well in, I felt like this was finally my calling as writing has always been the best way I know how to share my differing passions and ideas,” she said.

During her four years on The Hill, Elliot has been involved in a variety of campus organizations including Delta Gamma sorority and the National Society for Leadership and Success. She was a Badger Connection (BC) Guide and a Learning, Engagement, Awareness & Personal Growth (LEAP) Leader and participated in an International Service Immersion Program trip during her junior year.

“Being part of these organizations has truly given me a much greater sense of the world around me and the complexity of it, too. I have grown exponentially in my ability to communicate and engage with all kinds of people as a result of my time in each of these organizations, as well as a heightened sense of my higher calling in the world,” Elliot said.

She is particularly proud of her time with Delta Gamma, saying that it enriched her time on campus and brought her lifetime friendships as well as leadership opportunities to show her what she is capable of.

“It has certainly taught me how to believe in myself, to speak up for what I believe in and to carry myself with pride in all that I do,” she said.

She said that loved being a BC guide because of its importance in welcoming new students to The Hill and her experience as a LEAP leader helped her connect with younger students as well as Spring Hill College staff.

“Even when you may think you’ve ‘done it all’ as a senior, Spring Hill has such a special way of showing each of its students more, and just what the student is capable of,” Elliot said.

As graduation approaches, Elliot said she’s not sure if she can put into words how much Spring Hill has meant to her over the past four years.

“I have not only grown academically, but spiritually and intellectually as well. I have come to learn so much about myself as well as the world around me,” she said. “Spring Hill has taught me how to push myself so that I can be the very best I can be in all that I do, and in turn I have been able to excel at things that I didn’t know I could. My time on The Hill has provided me with some of the greatest memories and people that I could ever imagine possible and shaped me into a young woman hungry to better the world around me.”

She’s still figuring out her next step but hopes to work in an editorial role at a lifestyle magazine. Her dream job would be to write and edit for Southern Living magazine.

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