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Quendarius Roberts

Management & Marketing

Fifth-Year Senior

Leading The Way

Quendarius Roberts will be graduating with the Class of 2018 as a fifth-year senior who has been employed by Spring Hill College as an Admissions Counselor since August 2017.

The role allows him to use components from both sides of his Management and Marketing degree. He uses his Management skills to keep up with his recruiting territory and wants to pursue other leadership roles, such as managing SpringHillian Ambassadors or being an athletics liaison, and he uses his Marketing skills to sell the school to prospective students.

“Getting a chance to still be around here and still be a leader on campus even if I’m graduated or not – this is a good deal to be able to work here and still be a leader on campus.”

Roberts knew all along that he wanted to major in Business and that he wanted to be a leader. When he began school, he focused more on Management, but through his Marketing classes, he realized that he actually finds the Marketing side of things more fun. He said that his Marketing Principles class really showed him marketing in a practical way and the many career fields and areas that marketing pertains to.

“I like that because you never know what you’re going to get with Marketing,” he said. “I think I excel more in Marketing, and it helped me to get to where I am now.”

Roberts came to Spring Hill from Citronelle High School in Mobile County. He had previously attended Murphy High School and preferred the smaller classes at Citronelle. He made the Badger basketball team and played junior varsity for four years. He also served as a SpringHillian Ambassador and worked in the Admissions Office during summers and holidays. He was on the executive board for the Men of Color Council and now serves as a Senior Advisor for the group. He also participated in service at the local Boys and Girls Club through the Foley Community Service Center.

He said he was a member of the Boys and Girls Club when he was younger, and there was a Spring Hill College student-volunteer who would play with the attendees. Now, he’s happy to be that person for someone else. “It just influenced me to want to be more involved in service,” Roberts said.

In the next few years, Roberts would like to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration or a career in Sports Marketing. Right now, he enjoys promoting the College that he credits with helping him be more professional and responsible while continuing to be an example for other students on campus.

“Getting a chance to still be around here and still be a leader on campus even if I’m graduated or not – this is a good deal to be able to work here and still be a leader on campus,” he said.

Roberts is thankful for the people he’s met here and his experiences on campus. He said he’s learned that when it comes to grades, campus organizations or anything else in life, what you put in is what you get out.

“I went from the kid with the big smile to working in Admissions for the school now, so I’m proud of myself, and I’m just glad to still be around.”

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