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Room Change Process

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that there are circumstances where a student may desire to switch rooms for a variety of reasons. The Office of Residence Life believes that communal living offers students the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow, through interacting with their fellow Spring Hill College peers. However, there are circumstances where roommate conflicts or other situations arise that require a room change to occur.

Room Changes due to Roommate Conflict

In the situation that a student would like to request a room change due to a roommate conflict, they should adhere to the following steps:

1. The student should first approach his/her roommate and engage in a conversation to attempt to resolve the issue at hand.

2. If further contact ensues, the student should contact their Resident Advisor who will facilitate a conflict mediation session to help both roommates address concerns. Appropriate time should then be provided to allow both students to enact agreed upon changes and compromises.

3. Should conflict continue, the Area Coordinator for the student’s building will then become involved. The Area Coordinator will meet with each student individually and as a group to determine the issues at hand. If a compromise cannot be determined, the Area Coordinator will then initiate a room change if possible.Please note that the Office of Residence Life will make every effort to accommodate room change requests, but due to current occupancy rates there may be limited room change options.

Requesting a Single

If a student would like to move from a double occupancy room to a single on campus, it is necessary to complete the waitlist application for singles available on Residence. Once an application is received it will be considered as space and need allows. Priority for single rooms is based of of each student’s specific requests and number of credit hours.

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