• Face-to-face classes will resume, with some hybrid classes and online classes included as teaching curriculum and planning indicates.
  • Faculty office hours re-established.

Italy Center

The Spring Hill College Italy Center strongly recommends that students complete their vaccination cycle before coming to Italy. COVID-19 regulations are expected to be ongoing and will affect the quality of the students’ Italian, academic and European experience. Beginning August 6th, 2021, the Italian authorities are requiring people to show proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID or a recent negative test to sit at indoor tables in bars and restaurants, access museums, swimming pools, gyms, and amusement parks, and to attend sport competitions.

The Italy Center will not be responsible for arranging or covering the cost of swabs required by law for unvaccinated students. As COVID-19 regulations are expected to be ongoing, students who decline the COVID-19 vaccine might be subject to extra travel restrictions within Italy or the EU, if reported COVID cases were to rise on a national or international level.

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