• SHC-recognized student clubs may conduct in-person meetings and activities. All activities and programs must be registered and approved by the Center for Student Involvement.
  • Dining services will be at normal capacity for the Fall semester. Reusable to-go containers will still be available for students, faculty and staff.
  • Residence halls will return to regular capacity for the Fall 2021 semester.
  • Students will be permitted to host guests in their residence hall rooms in accordance with normal approved capacity.
  • Students who have private or semi-private bathrooms are encouraged to discuss cleaning responsibilities with their roommates and/or suitemates to lessen the risk of infection in the bathroom areas.

Spring Hill College administration recommends that all students receive the full COVID-19 vaccination by August 6 if possible and should continue to upload their COVID-19 vaccination status through this secure and confidential Google doc form.

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