"The authentic cult of the saints consists not so much in the multiplying of external acts, but rather in the intensity of our active love."

Vatican II:
Constitution on the Church

Vatican II: Dogmatic Constitution on the Church See Chapter 7: The Eschatological Nature of the Pilgrim Church and Her Union with the Heavenly Church

Congregation for the Causes of Saints

Celebrating Saints in the Liturgical Year Vatican II excerpt

The Communion of Saints Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 1, Section 2

On the Invocation, Veneration, and Relics of Saints, and on Sacred Images Council of Trent

The Local and the Universal: Anglican Appreciations of the Saints and Mary MacKillop By Alan Cadwallader in Australian EJournal of Theology, August 2010

African Ancestral Veneration and the Possibility of its Incorporation into Catholic Devotion By Alex Jebadu, SVD, June 2006

A Reinterpretation of Invocation and Intercession of the Saints By Patricia A. Sullivan in Theological Studies, June 2005

Ancestor Worship in Korea and Africa: Social Function or Religious Phenomenon? By Choon Sup Bae in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2004

New Voices in the Tradition: Medieval Hagiography Revisited By Marie Anne Mayeski in Theological Studies, December 2002

Saints And Martyrs: Some Contemporary Considerations By Lawrence S. Cunningham in Theological Studies, September 1999

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Why A Sanctoral Cycle? Or, Are We Ready for Methodist Hagiography? By Clifton F. Guthrie in Doxology: Journal of the Order of Saint Luke, 1996

Rising to the Happiness of the Lives of the Saints By Kay Cole in The Way, 1996

The Communion of Saints By James Corkery in The Way, 1996

Recovering the Intercession of the Saints in the Reformed Tradition By Belden C. Lane in The Way, 1996

Saints For Today By Sara Maitland in The Way, 1996

Rethinking Ancestors in Africa By John C. McCall in Africa: Journal of the International African Institute, 1995

May We Invoke The Saints? By Elizabeth A. Johnson in Theology Today, 1987

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Patron Saints Henry Parkinson in Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911

Communion of Saints Joseph Sollier in Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908

The Legends of the Saints: An Introduction to Hagiography By Hippolyte Delehaye, S.J., 1907

The Golden Legend (Aurea Legenda) Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, 1275

Saints, Martyrs and Other Holy Persons A Catholic Information Network webpage

Saint and Saintliness By Joseph Jacobs and Judah David Eisenstein in The Jewish Encyclopedia

Biographical Sketches of Memorable Christians of the Past Site by the Anglican Society of Archbishop Justus

The Martyrology of the Sacred Order of Friars Preachers Newman Press, 1955

Saints Frequently Asked Questions How does the Church choose saints? When did the Church start honoring saints? Is keeping pictures and statues of saints idolatry? Why do Catholics pray to saints? Is there a feast day for every day of the year? Prayers to saints

Papal Documents on Saints Theology Library links

Patron Saints Sites: Catholic Online - Catholic Forum - St. Charles Borromeo Parish - Catholic Doors Ministry - Saints Alive

Christian Hagiography Who's Who? Our Activities Past and Present. More about Saints. Hagiography around the World. Web Sites for Hagiographers

Gregory of Nyssa: The Forty Martyrs

Saint of the Day Read about today's saint, courtesy of American Catholic Online

Almost A Saint: Pope John XXIII Learn from this St. Anthony Messenger article about the process of being declared a saint

The Practice of Christianity in Roman Africa: The Cult of the Saints Several excellent articles

Lesser-Known Saints & Martyrs Some saints you may never have heard of

Book of Saints Brief stories of 54 saints, written by children

Christian Hagiography Compiled by Société des Bollandistes

St. Pachomius Library An Orthodox encyclopedia with many items on saints

Saints and Blesseds of the Society of Jesus

The Celtic Saints Information on nearly 40 Celtic saints

A Benedictine Martyrology

Augustinian Saints and Blesseds

Saints of Carmel

Carmelite Saints

Saints Lives From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook

List of Some African Saints, Blesseds and Venerables

The Military Martyrs The primary purpose of this site is to enable people to begin to explore the cult of the military martyrs during the late antique and early medieval periods. Webmaster is David Woods of University College Cork in Ireland.

Biographical Sketches of Memorable Christians of the Past

Individual Saints

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