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College Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of Spring Hill College work hard to provide leadership and direction, both organizationally and spiritually, to the administration of the college. The College board of trustees meet regularly to chart the path of the college for years to come. Below is a list of the current trustees.

Spring Hill College Board of Trustees
  • Mr. Jack F. McKinney — Chairman
  • Ms. Margaret A. “Peggy” Rolando — Vice Chairman
  • Mr. John W. Barter, III
  • Mr. Thomas A. Byrne, Jr
  • Mrs. Lynn Clapper
  • Mrs. Margaret F. Cussen
  • Mrs. Angele Davis
  • Dr. Rolando J. DeLeon
  • Mr. Mike DeWine
  • Mrs. Julie A. Goolsby
  • Ms. Patricia Kane
  • Mr. James D. McKinney
  • Mr. Champ Meyercord
  • Dr. Charles S. Mosteller
  • Mr. Norman D. Pitman, III
  • Rev. Robert Poirier, S.J.
  • Rev. Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.
  • Dr. Jennifer Scalici
  • Dr. John J. Shannon
  • Rev. Phillip Steele, S.J.
  • Mrs. Therese M. Stuckey – ex officio
  • Ms. Payton A. Tanner
  • Rev. Andrew Thon, S.J.
  • Dr. Arthur J. Tipton
  • Rev. Christopher J. Viscardi, S.J.
  • Dr. Jennifer A. Wootten
  • Mr. Clifford E. York

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