Career & Academic Success & Advising (CASA) serves as a resource for students, faculty and staff at SHC. We strive to provide quality services to students seeking support with academic success, academic standing, career goals, major exploration and disability accommodations.  

Academic Advising at Spring Hill College

Academic Advisor Assignments

All students will be assigned an academic advisor in their department. All academic advisors are faculty members who teach in the discipline. Students can access information about their advisor, including email, by navigating to the Academics Tab on BadgerWeb. Should a student wish to change to a different advisor, they will submit the Major/Minor/Advisor Change Form. In some situations approval from the Department Chair will be required to change advisors.

Obtaining Registration Clearance

Each semester students must obtain registration clearance from their assigned academic advisor. Each advisor will have their own way of scheduling advising appointments. Students should reach out to their assigned advisor directly prior to registration.

Declaring an Academic Major

It a recommended that a student declare their academic major by the end of their Sophomore Year. For some programs, it is recommended that a student declare earlier so that they are able to complete all program requirements. Students can declare or change their major using the Major/Minor/Advisor Change Form.

Military Service Members

Military service members who experience a disruption in their studies due to military orders will work with CASA, to create a plan for continuation of their studies. Military service members can request an academic leave of absence and continue their studies when they have completed their military orders. More information about the Military Withdrawal/Leave of Absence process can be found here.

Military service members who require academic accommodations for documented disabilities will work with the Director of CASA,, to coordinate classroom accommodations. More information about the process for requesting and using academic accommodations can be found here.

Military services members looking for support on career exploration and career development should contact the Executive Director of CASA,, for support.

Withdrawing from SHC

Learn more about the options you have to withdraw from Spring Hill college to determine which path is the right one for you. Learn more here.

Other Resources

SHC Tutoring

Academic Support provides quality support services emphasizing effective learning strategies and collaboration techniques with faculty and administrators so students are able to successfully reach their academic goals. Services include tutoring, accommodations for students with disabilities, and support for first-generation college students.

BadgerWay Referral

BadgerWay Referral is an early warning retention system designed to help students find the support they need as soon as possible.

Placement Assessments

Placement assessments are designed to judge your readiness to assist with choosing the best English, foreign language, and math courses to ensure your success while at SHC.

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