Our Campus Ministry programs integrate learning, faith, justice and service. During spring break or Mardi Gras break each year, many of our students immerse themselves in another culture while helping others through international service trips. For example, in Belize and Nicaragua, they have built houses for poverty-stricken families. In El Salvador, they have lived in solidarity with people still suffering from the effects of the country’s civil war.

A few reflections from our immersion trip veterans…

“I learned that while other cultures may differ, we are much more similar than we believe. At the end of the day we are all human beings, and it is important to get to know others with beliefs and backgrounds that are different from our own. It is only through this that we can begin to truly understand justice.” – Lauren Luckie ‘14, Belize City

“I fell in love that week. I fell in love with all the children because of the way they made me open my eyes to the world. They made me truly believe that a smile can go so much further than you think. As a member of ISIP you think you are going down there to help make a difference in their lives, which you are, but what you don’t realize is the impact that they will have in yours. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of their beautiful smiles and of the laughter and their singing.” – Ananya Mahajan ‘15, Jamaica

“Seeing the joy and encouragement and strength of so many children with cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, epilepsy, and other debilitating diseases helps me find strength in my day-to-day life. It helps me appreciate what is good, rid of the unnecessary, and encourage hope in many ways. It helps me to make better, more-thoughtful decisions. It helps me see the world through new eyes and draws my focus on what I should do with my life to the essential question: ‘how can I forever be a woman for others?’” – Michelle Perez ‘14, Jamaica

“I experienced God’s love most profoundly in the literacy group that we met with on Thursday. The way that they empower people and remind them of their inherit dignity while aiding them in their education is just beautiful. They really showed us what community and unconditional love is all about and I felt so much joy and love in that community. My prayer for all the people we met in the DR is that they are able to continue the amazing work that they are doing and continue to be proud of the amazing accomplishments that they have achieved.” – Elizabeth Fahey ‘14, Dominican Republic

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