From The Hilltop to The Hill: Spring Hill College Opens Doors to BSC Students

A Letter from President Mary H. Van Brunt

Dear Birmingham Southern students and families, 

It is hard to imagine the hurt you’re feeling as you cope with the loss of a place you call home and the uncertainty you face in the next chapter of your college journey. Our prayers are with you and those affected by this unexpected circumstance.

As you look for a new college community, we’d like to invite you to explore Spring Hill College, the oldest institution of higher learning in Alabama. A faith-based institution, our campus is bustling with exciting student life, award-winning academic programs, and a caring team of faculty and staff ready to support you on your journey.

Already one of the most affordable private colleges in the country, Spring Hill College is pleased to offer a $5,000 scholarship for BSC students who transfer. Grant Allen, our transfer admissions counselor, will work with you personally to help you with whatever you need. You can reach him at or by phone at 251-380-3030.

We invite you to visit our beautiful, 381-acre campus as soon as you can and hope you’ll find your new home at Spring Hill.

I pray you experience God’s blessing now and always as your journey continues.

Mary H. Van Brunt, PhD


Since 1830, Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama has educated and prepared the next generation of leaders for success during and after their time on the Hill. Our education, grounded in the Jesuit tradition, is renowned for its emphasis on igniting a passion for knowledge and personal growth. Care and service are infused throughout the Spring Hill College curriculum and campus experience, providing students with an education that empowers them individually and builds their ability to serve a larger community.

Spring Hill is also among the most affordable private colleges in the country, and we are pleased to offer BSC students preferred pricing and a $5,000 donor-funded scholarship.

Spring Hill College prides itself on providing award-winning academic programs taught by expert faculty with real world experience and knowledge. At the core of our academics is a liberal arts education that allows students to learn holistically and become well-rounded professionals.

With the majority of our students living on campus, you can make Spring Hill College your home away from home. Our residence halls each offer their own unique style of living, including three apartment buildings on our SHC Golf course, while giving you easy access to the Spring Hill residential community. On our 381-acre campus, nestled in the heart of a safe and friendly neighborhood, we’re able to guarantee housing for four years.

Spring Hill College is finalizing an agreement with Birmingham Southern College that will allow students to transfer as easily as possible. Our goal is to keep you on track for graduation. Please see the full list of our overlapping programs below as well as additional available programs.

Spring Hill College will accept all earned and awarded credits from Birmingham Southern College and will identify all appropriate course equivalencies, including within the student’s major. We will work with transfer students to ensure a smooth path to graduation.

Because BSC uses a unit system where 1 BSC unit = 4 semester hours, when transferring credits to SHC, students will be awarded 4 semester hours for each regular BSC unit. Course equivalencies will be applied to optimize completion of your degree program. SHC will accept all equivalent courses towards the completion of both degree and core requirements.

While Spring Hill College generally requires that students complete 24 of their last 30 credits (8 of the last 10 courses) in residency at Spring Hill, we will review this requirement on a case by case basis for BSC students.

Admission to Spring Hill is on a rolling basis, and we will accept applications at any time. However, in order to ensure eligibility for the $5,000 BSC Student Scholarship, please apply by May 15th. The application can be found here. SHC will waive application fees for students applying from BSC.

While NCAA eligibility can be impacted by an individual’s specific academic and athletic status, in general, the closure of BSC will not impact eligibility. If you are interested in participating in athletics at Spring Hill College, please reach out to the appropriate coach. You can find a list of coaches with their contact information here.

Below is a table showing which programs are offered at both BSC and Spring Hill College. There are some programs at BSC that we do not currently offer, but we have a variety of options for students to pursue.

BSC Programs Offered at Spring Hill CollegeBSC Programs Not OfferedAdditional Programs Offered at Spring Hill College
Accounting (BS)Architectural Studies (BA)Biochemistry (BS)
Applied Computer Science (BS)Art History (BA)Biology – Marine Biology (BS)
Art (BA/BFA)Asian Studies (BA)Digital Content Production (BA)
Biology (BS)Education – Professional Studies (BS)Entrepreneurship (BS)
Business Administration (BS)Education – Music Education (BME)Graphic Design (BA)
Chemistry (BS)Music (BA/BMA)Health Care Management (BBA)
Economics (BS)Musical Theatre (BA)Interdisciplinary Studies (BS)
Education – Elementary (BS)Physics (BS)Management Information Systems (BS)
Education – Secondary Ed (BS)Spanish for the Workplace (BA)Multimedia Journalism (BA)
English (BA)Theatre Arts (BA)Nursing (BS)
Global and Comparative Studies (BA)Urban and Environmental Studies (BA/BS)Organizational Leadership (BS)
Health Sciences (BS)Performing and Media Arts (BA)
History (BA)Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (BS)
Mathematical Finance (BS)Public Relations and Advertising (BA)
Mathematics (BS)Sport Management (BS)
Media and Film Studies (BA)Sociology – Criminology (BA)
Philosophy (BA)Supply Chain Management (BS)
Philosophy/History/Law (BA)Writing (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BS)
Religion (BA)
Sociology (BA)
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