Prepare for admission to Spring Hill College with our financial aid checklist. This checklist is for confirmed students who will be attending Spring Hill College. Now that you’ve decided to join us on The Hill, there are a few more steps you need to take regarding your financial aid:

1. Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Apply for financial aid at The FAFSA priority deadline is April 1. You can learn more about the FAFSA process here.

2. FAFSA Verification

Each year, approximately one-third of students are selected by the Department of Education for a process known as “verification” as part of the application process for Federal Financial Aid.

If you are selected for verification, please complete the process by May 1. Your offer will remain estimated until this is completed, and you will not be able to use your aid to pay your bill. You will be notified by email which of the following verification forms are required for you:

2024-2025 Verification Forms

3. Accept your Offer

The new financial aid student portal can be accessed here. It can also be accessed through your student email by selecting google apps and scrolling until you see the JFA Student Portal. Please reach out to your admissions counselors or for any questions. 

4. Sign Your Enrollment Agreement

You must complete an Enrollment Agreement (make sure to select one of the options on the back) by August 1. Return the form to the Office of Student Financial Services at

5. Submit Refund/Direct Deposit Form

Complete the Direct Deposit form and return it to the Finance and Accounting Office. You can access the Direct Deposit form here [you must be logged in to BadgerWeb to access this link].

6. Pay Your Balance or Finalize Payment Arrangements

Meet your remaining costs by making a one-time online payment or set up a payment plan through BadgerWeb

7. Complete All Required Documents

Students Required Documents will be available on the new financial aid student portal in January. In the meantime, if there are any documents needing immediate attention your admissions counselor will reach out to you.

Check Your Balance

You can check your balance 24/7 on your BadgerWeb Student Account. If you have questions about how to access your balance, please email us at or call us at (251) 380-3460.

If applicable

Alabama Student Grant

If you are an Alabama resident, you can complete the 2024 – 2025 Alabama Student Grant Application. The grant is designed to provide financial assistance to residents of the State of Alabama for undergraduate non-sectarian, secular education at independent, non-profit, postsecondary institutions of higher learning located within the State of Alabama.

Federal Loans

If you plan to use federal loans to help cover your balance for next year, complete these requirements by August 1:

Accept your loans on the financial aid student portal.

Parent PLUS Loan

If a parent plans to apply for a PLUS loan, a credit check must be performed and a master promissory note completed. You can apply for a parent PLUS Loan under “Parent Borrowers” using the Parent FSA ID username and password.