The Spring Hill College Honors Program is designed to enhance the Spring Hill experience by offering a challenging and rewarding course of study to academically gifted and motivated students. The program consists of academic courses as well as opportunities for research, service, and cultural exploration.


Honors student-only courses constitute one-third of an honors student’s Spring Hill College core curriculum coursework. Honors courses involve even smaller class sizes and an especially vibrant learning environment. Participation in the Honors Program does not increase the number of hours required for graduation.

The program begins freshman year with most participants taking honors courses in logic, composition, theology, and literature. During sophomore and junior years, students typically take four more honors courses. Honors topics recently offered include:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Virtues
  • Sociology through Literature and Culture
  • Religion and Race in America
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Islam and Politics
  • Ethics and Health Policy
  • HIstory of the Holocaust

In addition to honors student-only courses, students have the option of adding honors-level research projects to a variety of upper level courses, including courses in their chosen major.

During senior year, students have the option of completing an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor.

Additional Opportunities

Honors students have the option of living in an honors-designated living learning community with social and cultural programming designed specifically for our honors students.

In addition to their academic courses and directed research projects, students can earn honors credit through professional internships, cultural immersion and service trips, and by studying abroad at the SHC Italy Center.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to the honors program should first submit their application to Spring Hill College. Once admitted, students may be invited to join the honors program based on their academic record. This usually requires an ACT score greater or equal to 28 (or a comparable SAT score) and a high school GPA greater or equal to 3.5. Students who do not receive an invitation, or who do not meet one or both of those criteria, are still eligible to apply for the program. Interested students should contact the Honors Program Director for more information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Spring Hill College Honors Program, please contact:

Michael Ferry, PhD Honors Program Director

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