• Alabama Assistive Technology Programs
    • Medical and assistive equipment distribution program.
    • Loans, computers, and other assistance to individuals with disabilities.
    • For more information, contact (800) 782-7656.
  • Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
    • Assists with issues related to accessibility of services and programs, disability and medical benefits, special education, vocational rehabilitation, housing rights, accommodations for persons with disabilities, protection from abuse and neglect and protection from institutional resident’s right.
    • For more information, contact (251) 479-8611.
  • Best Buddies
    • Mentoring and friendship program for people with intellectual disabilities.
    • Free email pen pal program.
    • For more information, contact (800) 89-Buddy.
  • University of South Alabama Psychological Clinic
    • Offers specialize therapeutic services for local Mobile community
    • Offers evaluation/assessment services to local Mobile community
    • Services are based on sliding scale
    • For more information, contact (251) 460-7149.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1st floor Student Center, across from the bookstore.  You can ask for the following staff members:

    • Lauren Hodges – Assistant Director of Community  Experience & Accessibility
    • Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen – Associate Vice President of Culture & Community/Chief Diversity Officer


No. We maintain a list of resources for this service that may be obtained from the Disability Service office.

All the services provided by Disability Services are determined on an individual basis. Consideration is given to your needs based on the documentation regarding your disability.

Accommodations are modifications or changes to limit the impact of a person’s disability. In order to receive accommodations, you must request them and provide documentation of your disability and how it impacts you in the academic environment.

Disability Services staff will have access to your documentation, but your disability records are confidential.

Services include academic accommodations and information/referral. Students can be further supported by the on campus Wellness center, and a licensed professional counselor.

No. Class attendance is extremely important and may be considered an essential component of the course or program. This accommodation only applies if a class is missed for disability-related reasons. If you miss class, you are responsible for contacting your instructor immediately and making up any missed work as soon as possible.

No, but free tutoring is offered to ALL Spring Hill College students via SHC Tutoring.

You are responsible for getting the appropriate documentation to a Disability Services staff member. A Disability Services staff member may assist you in facilitating this process. However, you must follow up with your provider. All related costs incurred are your responsibility.

If you have a medical condition, you may be eligible for accommodations if the condition results in a functional limitation in a major life activity.

No. Your disability records are confidential and are not part of your transcript.

While recommendations are considered when determining reasonable accommodations, they are not mandatory. Your doctor makes these recommendations to aid in accommodation determination.

Yes. In order to receive accommodations, you must complete a Semester Accommodations Request Form every semester. It is recommended that the form be completed within the first three (3) days of class.

No. Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities do not take effect until you have completed the registration process with Disability Services and your instructor receives the letter via email. Disability Services cannot require the Instructor or anyone else to make changes in grades for assignments/examinations given prior to notification of accommodations.

Complete a Semester Accommodation Request Form requesting services for your classes at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

Complete an Interpreter Request Form and return it to Disability Services.

Interpreters and captionist are required to wait 10 minutes after the beginning of class. If you do not arrive prior to the interpreter or captionist leaving, you will receive a “no show” for that class.