The Center for Academic Support and Advising Services (CASA) serves as an advocate for students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access to the College. Various support services have been established to assist students according to their documented needs. Every effort is made to help students make a smooth transition to college and to succeed throughout their college experience. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the office prior to the beginning of each semester. If you are a new to seeking accommodations, we look forward to assisting you. Our goal is to serve as a resource and an advocate for all students. It is important to note academic accommodations are not RETROACTIVE, therefore we encourage students to apply for services as early and soon as possible.

Students interested in applying for accommodations should complete the three steps listed below:

  1. Review, Complete, and Submit the Academic Disability Self-Identification Form below
  1. Obtain Appropriate and Relevant Documentation of Disability
    • Note that an IEP and/or 504 Plan may not be sufficient documentation to establish eligibility but may be included.
    • Documentation that is not current (within the last 4 years) but otherwise meets college guidelines may be eligible for provisional/temporary accommodations while student seeks re-evaluation.
  2. Schedule an Intake Appointment with Center for Academic Support and Advising (
    • Students taking online classes can schedule an appointment via phone or email to discuss necessary accommodations.


  1. Complete a Faculty Letter Request Form at the beginning of each semester through the Center for Academic Support and Advising. If the form is completed prior to the semester beginning, students and faculty will receive letters prior to the first day of classes. If the form is completed after the semester begins, the office has at least a week to process and distribute letters to students/faculty.
  2. Arrange to meet with each professor to discuss the accommodations that have been granted through CASA. The professor is not obligated to provide accommodations retroactively.
  3. Follow the Testing Accommodations procedures to use accommodations for tests/exams.


  1. Students MUST complete all other accommodations requirements prior to a testing accommodation request being fulfilled.
  2. Discuss testing accommodations arrangements with the professor. If the professor is able to provide testing accommodations, it is not necessary to notify CASA any further.
  3. If the student would like to use testing accommodations, the student should submit a Testing Accommodations Form at least 1 week prior to the test they would like to use their accommodations for. Someone will communicate further as it relates to the location, day and time of the exam/test/quiz.
  4. To ensure accommodations can be met, final exams should be scheduled at least 2 weeks before the last day of class.
  5. Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their testing appointment time. Students who arrive late will not be given additional time for their exam. The professor will be notified of the time the student arrived for the test, and the student may have to make arrangements with the professor to reschedule the test.
  6. Students are expected to adhere to academic honesty standards while taking their exams/quiz/test. Students are permitted to bring only the materials listed on the Testing Accommodations form into the testing room with them unless otherwise noted. If a student is suspected of academic dishonesty by a staff member, the professor will be notified immediately and testing will end.
  7. If for any reason it is necessary to reschedule a testing appointment, students should contact at least 3 business days prior to their originally scheduled appointment to make arrangements.
  8. In the event of an emergency the day of the test appointment, the student will need to contact and their professor to reschedule their appointment.
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