Why Choose a Major?

A college major allows students to choose a subject that fascinates them and expands their knowledge and skill set around that subject. Some students choose a major based on their intended vocation after graduation while other students choose a major because they are interested in a specific field of knowledge.

How Important is My Major?

The major you choose will define what courses you take at Spring Hill, but it won’t necessarily define your life. Many people end up in careers that are not related, or minimally related, to what they studied in college. Employers may take your major into consideration, but often your experiences in college, such as internships or work experience, are more important.

Declaring a Major

Spring Hill students are required to declare a major by the end of their Sophomore year, or before they have 60 credit hours. Students can change their major online by completing the form.

Changing Majors

Students are encouraged to explore majors until they find one that is the right fit for them. If you want to change your major, use the Major Change form.

Major Exploration Resources

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