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Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education

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Spring Hill College and all Jesuit institutions share a commitment with the Society of Jesus to promote faith and justice through interreligious dialogue and creative engagement with culture.

That dialogue includes strengthening the Catholic and Jesuit identity through leadership and mission, academic life, campus culture, service, integrity, and a Jesuit presence of faculty, administrators, and leaders.

Many of these themes are explored in depth by the editors and writers of Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education magazine. Recent issues have also delved into the topics of social media, global vision, the value of a liberal arts education, and diversity.

Spring Hill College’s faculty, projects, and programs have been featured numerous times in Conversations, including the following articles:

The National Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education publishes the magazine twice each year, engaging faculty and staff colleagues from all twenty-eight US Jesuit colleges and universities.

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