The Certificate in Free Enterprise Studies becomes a permanent part of your academic transcript and is awarded upon the completion of your degree. It is essential to plan and then monitor your progress at each stage of the program to assure that you remain on track with the rest of your studies, and we do this by regularly updating the Candidate Record Form. Much of the program data will not be available initially, but we ask that each student fill in whatever information is available.

Basic Data:
Your name and contact information and the name of your faculty advisor are the first items to complete. The details of your major(s), concentrations should be noted if you have declared them, but if you are still “undecided,” just note that in those spots.

Intended course Schedule:
When you first fill in the form, you will not have taken any of the four courses for the Certificate, but you should enter the semester and year in which you expect to be taking them. There will always be exceptions in individual circumstances, but the general thought is that the program would be taken over the four semesters of your junior and senior years of study. PHL 355 Markets and Morality would normally be taken during the fall semester of your junior year, and POL386 Foundations of Free Markets and Free Societies would be taken in the spring of your junior year. CFE 450 Market Definition would be taken in the fall semester of your senior ear, and CFE 451 Enterprise Development would be taken in the spring semester of your senior year. For seniors with sufficient schedule flexibility, it may be possible to take all four courses in the senior year, but the fall—spring semester pattern must be followed as these courses will initially only be offered in the designated semester.

Proposed Topic/Idea for your Project:
Do not be intimidated by this section. Just enter whatever thoughts you currently have regarding an area of special interest to you. It could be an idea for a new business you would like to explore and possibly consider starting after graduation. But it could also be a not for profit community organization you feel is needed, or it could be an idea for a “social movement” you feel would improve people’s well-being. The point here is that if there is a need “out there” for something that you think you can provide, the two CFE courses will help you refine and develop the ability to solve that need. If you do not have a specific idea right now and are willing to work with a fellow student as a partner with her/his idea, just note that on the form, and that will be addressed as that part of the program begins.

Steps in the Process:
Everything begins by filling in whatever you can on the Candidate Record Form and submitting it to the Program Director, currently Dr. Chris Puto ( A copy of your resume should also be sent to Dr. Puto at Dr. Puto will review the form and arrange a very brief meeting to explain more completely how the program works. After this meeting you will be able to register for the specific courses and begin your studies. The only formal requirements for the Certificate are that you complete the four courses with passing grades. There may be optional events to which you will be invited and eligible to attend as members of the Program, but the only requirements are satisfactorily completing the courses. If you have any questions about the program or the form, contact Dr. Puto.