Program Overview

Spring Hill’s Master of Arts in Engaged and Applied Humanities program is designed to prepare students for active engagement in public life. The course of study is designed to allow students to explore a variety of humanistic disciplines, integrating a wide range of knowledge and developing their ability to carefully research and analyze information, to communicate clearly, and to think critically and imaginatively. Students will apply the skills developed in advanced humanistic inquiry to real world problems.


On Campus


30 Credits

Time To Degree:

1 Year

Cost Per Credit:



The core curriculum consists of five courses:

  • LIS 503 Modernity
  • LIS 506 Engaging Global Problems
  • LIS 507 Culture and Digital Communications
  • LIS 592 Capstone Project

Choose one from the following:

  • LIS 501 Classical Antiquity
  • LIS 502 The Medieval World
  • LIS 504 Non-Western Culture
  • LIS 505 The Scientific Revolution

Beyond the program core, students can choose from two concentrations, both consisting of five courses:

Interdisciplinary Humanities

In the Interdisciplinary Humanities concentration, students choose five courses from among the program offerings. Students can choose courses from a wide range of disciplines, including no more than three courses from any one discipline.


The concentration in Leadership is designed for students interested in acquiring, within a liberal arts context, the knowledge and understanding appropriate to the exercise of leadership in private and public organizations and in the broader community. Students in this concentration take two elective courses from among the program offerings and at least three of the following courses:

  • LIS 570 Studies in Leadership and Ethics
  • LIS 571 Organizational Behavior
  • LIS 572 Leadership
  • LIS 573 Business Ethics and Social ResponsibilityLIS 574 Conflict Management

Dr. Matthew Bagot – Program Director

Dr. Bagot has served as an Associate Professor of Theology at Spring Hill College since 2007 and earned his Ph.D. from Boston College. His primary area of study is christian ethics and the role of religion in a global context and was named the Edward B. Moody, S.J. Teacher of the Year in 2014.

Students may achieve full standing through initial admission at one of three levels: unconditional, conditional or provisional. Unconditional status gives full standing upon entering the program, while conditional status and provisional status require the fulfillment of specific documentation and/or performance criteria.

Unconditional Admission
To be considered for unconditional admission, an applicant must present either of the following credentials:

  1. A graduate or professional degree from an accredited institution.
  2. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a grade point average of at least 3.0.

    Conditional Admission
    Conditional admission may be granted to applicants with a bachelor’s degree and a grade point average below 3.0, upon the recommendation of the director and with the approval of the Provost. Applicants for conditional admission may be asked to submit additional materials. Students admitted conditionally must have earned a grade point average of 3.0 after twelve hours in order to continue in the program.

    Provisional Admission
    Provisional status may be granted to students who have not yet completed their required documentation. Students provisionally admitted must submit required documentation before being allowed to register for a second term.

The graduation requirements for the program are: (1) completion of the four core courses, five elective courses and the capstone course, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and a minimum grade of B in the capstone course; (2) completion of all requirements within six years of initial admittance. The comprehensive requirement for the MA in Applied and Engaged Humanities is fulfilled by completion of the capstone with a grade of B (pass) or A (pass with honors).


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