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Graduate Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed for those individuals who desire specific, intensive study of important issues in the logistics/supply chain management arena. Students looking for more training in the Logistics/Supply Chain area can complete the program as a non-degree seeking student and obtain a certificate. Certificate courses can also be applied toward an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

A foundations course in logistic/supply chain management, and three additional courses in information systems, distribution, as well as procurement and material management complete the four course concentration.

Admission to the certificate program as a non-degree student requires a completed bachelor’s degree and the approval of the Graduate Business Committee, based on a review of the applicant’s complete portfolio (cover letter, current resume, and undergraduate transcripts.) Students in process of completing the Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and considering applying to the MBA program should formally apply prior to the completion of the third course in the Certificate program. Up to nine hours completed in a non-degree seeking status may be applied toward the MBA degree.

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BUS565Foundations of Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
Choose three from the following
BUS571Procurement and Material Management3
BUS572Logistics Information Systems3
BUS573Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
BUS574Management and Distribution Of Inventory3

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