A transient student is a high schooler looking to take some college classes, an incoming freshman looking to get ahead the summer before classes start or even a student enrolled at another institution who is taking classes elsewhere. At Spring Hill College, we do not have any transient fees or extra costs like out-of-state tuition or transcript fees.

Students taking Summer classes at other institutions is a very common situation. Because of this, Spring Hill College offers a very competitive Summer tuition rate of $425 per credit hour for undergraduate courses. Plus all of our Summer courses are taught online, allowing students to travel and enjoy their Summer while also earning credits toward their education.

*To apply as a transient student, click on the “Apply Now” button above and be sure to answer “No” on your application when asked if you are seeking a degree or certificate.  This will ensure your application is classified as a transient student. 

Summer Schedule

Click here to download the full summer academic calendar

Summer I: May 10 – June 21, 2023       

Summer II: June 22 –  August 3, 2023