For our Faculty Friday this week, we catch up with James Larriviere, PhD, associate professor of economics

 What class subjects do you teach?

I teach courses in the financial economics area, ranging from the freshman level principles to courses in the graduate MBA economics course.  These subjects include Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, as well as upper level economic/finance courses, like Managerial Economics, International Trade, Economic Development, and Money and Capital Markets. Another class I really enjoy is the Personal Financial Literacy course. 

What would you say attracted you to the field of teaching?

I was very fortunate to have great economics professors during my undergraduate years.  The professors really inspired me to learn economics.  I realized at that point there was a strong correlation between really interesting class lectures and student learning. I was amazed how interesting the economics professors’ lectures were and as a result, I looked forward to the next class. Also, my undergraduate economics professors really took the time to develop connections with the students and it was ultimately these relationships with the economics professors that led me to pursue a PhD.  After my first year of graduate work I had the opportunity to teach principles of economics at Auburn, and I was hooked. After 30 years of teaching economics, the freshman level economics courses are my favorite to teach.  

What appealed to you about teaching at Spring Hill College?

As a newly hooded PhD in 1995, my first job out of the Auburn PhD program was actually here at Spring Hill! I was hired for a one year visiting assistant professor position in the Division of Business.  I was immediately impressed by the Jesuit approach to education, and I learned much about the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis during that year on the Hill.  When I left Spring Hill after one year, I hoped to get back to an institution that emphasized a holistic approach to educating the full person.  I was fortunate to return to Spring Hill College in 2001 as an Assistant Professor.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

The Spring Hill campus is so pretty, and takes on different shades and colors as the fall and spring semesters progress.  Entering the campus from Old Shell road, then making the turn onto the Avenue of the Oaks, oak trees making shade, azaleas in bloom, with Stewartfield at the end of the “oak tunnel” is so special.  Although it may not be as visually pleasing, I do get to the weight room at the recreation center on a regular basis, and I typically will see students and student athletes working out as well. I do really enjoy visiting with the students outside of the classroom.      

What is your most prized possession?

A 1983 Jeep Cj7. The jeep was handed down to me from my father-in-law in 2015. He managed to complete all the crazy jeep obstacles in various Jeep Jamborees in Moab, Utah. My sister-in-law drove the jeep while she was in college (late 1980s) and many years later, my daughter learned to drive in the old Cj7.  It will be handed down to our kids when my wife and I can no longer get in the Jeep!


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