Living to Help Others: Thoughts from a Spring Hill Senior

“Receiving a liberal arts education is receiving an education with meaning and purpose.”

Tylan Nettles, a senior from Mobile, Ala., is majoring in political science and pre-law. He reflects on his experience with receiving a liberal arts education and the faculty and classes that have impacted his time at Spring Hill.

Q: What influenced your decision to come to Spring Hill College?

My decision to come was influenced by the idea of having great professors who actually cared for their students. This is the reason for me staying at Spring Hill as well because I appreciate the meaning that a liberal arts education brings to my life’s purpose.

Q: What other campus activities support your decision?

Coming into Spring Hill, I had no clue what sort of organizations or activities were on campus. But as my college career began, one of the organizations that stuck out was the Men of Color Council and their presence here on campus.

Q: What are your career plans when you leave Spring Hill?

This summer I plan to take part in a congressional internship or continue my work as a legal clerk. In the fall, I’m looking forward to beginning my law school career and eventually earning a Juris Doctor. I want to specifically practice civil rights law or litigation.

Q: How has the College prepared you for your career?

Spring Hill has enhanced my knowledge of the various problems that people deal with on a daily basis. It has given me the tools necessary to figure out how and why these problems occur to then think critically about how we, as a society, can fix them. My professors have provided wonderful opportunities that have tremendously impacted my overall experience and ultimately prepared me for my future.

Q: Advice for new students on how to get the most out of their Spring Hill educational experience?

My advice to new students is to get involved on or off-campus and develop as many relationships with their peers and professors as possible! Spring Hill boasts a great community united with the altruistic goal of helping someone other than themselves.

Q: One of the Jesuit values we are committed to is “cura personalis,” that is, a care for thespiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person. How has this impacted you and why? 

The Jesuit value of “cura personalis” has allowed me to do exactly what I love, which is helping others. As I was graduating high school, one of my main goals was to help people, especially minorities such as myself. My plans were a perfect match for the Jesuit values that Spring Hill embodies thus impacting me for years here effectively. It has really given me direction and meaning.

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