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Fraud, Lies and Hermes Ties: Ethics in the Corporate World

Aaron Beam
Aaron Beam

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 7:00 p.m. Gautrelet Room (Lucey Administration Center) - Dauphin St. Entrance

Presented by: Aaron Beam

As the founding Chief Financial Officer of a top Fortune 500 company, Beam gives insight into his life, work and his "slippery slope" of participation in corporate fraud for which he pleaded guilty and spent time in federal prison. His remarkable story and his journey to personal redemption and active faith helped motivate him to author "Ethic's Playbook," an excellent resource for strengthening business ethics and avoiding the pitfalls of less than ethical business practices. Through his Ethics First message he identifies early warning signs, influences and the bad choices he and others made at HealthSouth, allowing the audience to apply what they learn to their business practices and the organization's culture and environment.

Aaron Beam was the first CFO at HealthSouth Corp., and as a co-founder witnessed first-hand the series of accounting, stock manipulation and leadership failures that led HealthSouth to the securities fraud scandal. He relates to students and professionals the heights of success, followed by the unethical and illegal mistakes that led to his professional downfall. Serving three months in federal prison and losing his CPA credentials led Mr. Beam to his current speaking career; trying to make a positive difference by educating others about the pitfalls of unethical business practices. He now lives in Baldwin County with his wife, Phyllis.

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