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Wanda Sullivan's WORLDS/WINGS on exhibit at Santa Clara University

Wanda Sullivan worlds/wings
Wanda Sullivan worlds/wings

A solo exhibition of Wanda Sullivan's paintings is currently on exhibit at the Santa Clara University Visual Art's Gallery in Santa Clara, CA. The exhibition will be up through December 4, 2015. Ms. Sullivan is an Associate Professor of Art and the Director of the Eichold Gallery.

Wanda Sullivan’s paintings are conceptually based on landscapes, landscape principles and a concern for climate change. She strives for a conglomeration of weather, light, color and texture; all combined into an abstract pictorial space containing vague references to organic and fundamental landscape characteristics such as horizon lines. She use circles to allude to the world or remains of worlds.

Wanda frequently includes butterfly/moth wing patterns in her paintings. The butterflies symbolism and exquisite beauty seduce me. Butterflies are silent, defenseless, at the mercy of their environment and ultimately mankind. She presents close ups of wing patterns in unexpected formats and combinations. Visually, she is drawn to the butterfly’s infinite patterns and, conceptually, to their fragility. Wanda sees them as silent victims of humanity’s apathy towards ecology.

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