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SHC Alumna’s Work Featured in ‘Magnificat’


When you received your most recent copy of the globally distributed, monthly spiritual guide, ‘Magnificat,’ you probably noticed the delicate and beautiful prayer card with a painting of Mary holding an infant Jesus included. Spring Hill College alumnae Stephanie Morris ’69 created the painting in 2012 after she was invited to participate in a scripture and prayer group called “The Daughters of Mary” with other artists. Morris recounts her encounter with Mary as she pushed to finish the painting, saying “in total frustration, I wiped out the face and painted her looking straight out. I knew the moment I painted the outline of her head that this was what she wanted. She wanted to look into the eyes of her children.” The painting hangs in the Marian Center at St. Ignatius Church in Mobile and a print is featured in the Sodality Chapel on campus.

Read more about the feature in ‘Magnificat’ at us.magnificat.net/home/morris.

‘Magnificat’ is a monthly publication designed for daily use, to encourage both liturgical and personal prayer. ‘Magnificat’ was first published in French in 1992, with the first English- language edition debuting in December 1998. Today, there are also editions in Spanish, German, Lithuanian and Slovenian. There also is now an English-language edition designed especially for readers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the countries of the British Commonwealth.

To know more about Morris’s work: www.stephaniebmorris.com

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