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2016 Commencement video now online as well as listing of speakers and award recipients

The weather could not have been more perfect for Spring Hill to celebrate the class of 2016 on the historic Avenue of the Oaks.

Saturday, May 7, marked the annual commencement of Spring Hill College on the Avenue of the Oaks where 270 candidates were presented for graduation.

Founded in 1830, the College has had the pleasure to host a myriad of inspirational speakers throughout its 186 years and this year is no exception. This year’s speaker, a graduate of Spring Hill College in 1980, Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO AARP, is recognized as a national leader and dynamic change agent and instrumental in the growth and innovation of some of the nation’s largest public and non-profit organizations. Mrs. Jenkins was also awarded with the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, for her lifelong dedication to learning, justice, faith and service.

Patrick K. Lameka was elected the Senior Class Orator and gave the farewell address to the class of 2016.

Award Recipients

The Toolen Award is presented to the graduating senior who has achieved the highest grade point average during the entire course of study. This year’s recipients are Bridget M. Nourse and Clare A. Wojda.

The Ignatian Awards are presented to the students – one graduating woman and one graduating man – who have best fulfilled the ideals of Jesuit education for scholarship, leadership and service during their four years at Spring Hill College. These are the highest student awards bestowed by the College. This year’s recipients are Clare A. Wojda and Matthew C. Brazzolotto.

The Edward B. Moody, S.J., Teacher of the Year Award is made annually to the professor who, in the judgment of a committee composed of a broad cross- section of the academic community, has displayed excellence in the fulfillment of the teaching mission of the college. This year’s recipient is Dr. Royce G. Simpson, Associate Professor of Psychology.

The Dawson Research Award is made to the professor who, in the judgment of a faculty committee, has demonstrated excellence in scholarship. This year’s recipient is Wanda A. Sullivan, Associate Professor of Fine & Performing Arts. The Dawson Service Award is made to the professor who, in the judgment of a faculty committee, has displayed excellence in service to the College. This year the award is presented to Dr. Sharee L. Broussard, Associate Professor of Communication Arts.

The Rewak Award is named in honor of Father William Rewak, former president of the College, and recognizes a faculty or staff member who represents in a significant way the Jesuit ideal of service. This year’s recipient is Ms. Sharon Williams, Director of Student Center & Conference Services.

Commencement News

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins Delivers Commencement Address

Video of the Ceremony

The video of the commencement exercises will be archived on Badger TV and available for viewing below.



Joshua B. Hamilton

Alecia J. Howell

Deborah L. Miller

Melinda Palacio

Cassandra E. Snow


Wilberforce K. Amanor

Brittany M. Anderson

Laurence Mahon

Ashley N. Purvis


Starla B. Allen

John T. Beaver

Thomas Fant

Daniel A. Feirman

Katelyn R. Foster

Marcee E. Hinds

Matthew D. Jones

Sharon B. Kling

Frank L. Lucas, Jr.

Christye L. Robley

Kaulla M. Watson


Christina V. Medina

Michele M. Statkewicz


Erica D. Holland

Jessica M. Hultquist


Larry R. Grant

Terri L. Moore

Bonnie A. Santucci

Nancy J. Young


Peter M. Bartosch

Scott A. Boykin

Corey Cordell

Rafael R. Costa

Samuel P. DiBenedetto

Barry P. Durand

Matthew C. Hunt

Monica G. Okon

Mary Kathleen Sherer


Abigail M. Allard

Julia Marie Arenstam, Cum Laude

Laura E. Aucoin

Margaret M. Baine, Cum Laude

Elissa Nereyda Barahona

Shalonda M. Bell­Fossett

Katherine A. Bilbrey, Summa Cum Laude

Sarah Jessica Bolotte, Cum Laude

Matthew C. Brazzolotto

Elizabeth Sheridan Briggs, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Antonio L. Brito III

Armanee’ N. Broussard

Jeremy E. Buckner, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Alex P. Bumpers

Jarrett Calhoun

David Christopher Campise

Michael­-John Connell

Bridget K. Duffy

Dallas J. Elliott

L. Elaine Etheredge

Emily Flynn Filostrat

Andrew L. Gaus

Saran S. Genus

Lourdes Sofia Gomez De Cordova

Froment J. Gonzalez IV

Virginia G. Hicks, Cum Laude

Milton R. Hickson

Asia L. Hudson

Camila E. Jimenez

Royce E. Martin

Caroline Bernard McGraw

Hannah E. McIntyre, Cum Laude

Kristen N. Meyer

Kathryn N. Miller

Shaunicy S. Muhammad

Timothy J. Muscaro

Nicholas J. Myrick

Cydnie M. Napier

Stephen Emory Nash

Daniel E. Ochoa

Cree Pettaway

Christopher T. Portie, Cum Laude

Robert A. Quinn, Jr.

Rodrick D. Robbins

Cara Jean E. Robertson

John F. Roorda, IV

Michael Malone Salancy

Jacquelyn Louise Saunee, Magna Cum Laude, Honors Program

Jose Vicente Scheuren, Jr.

Nicholas J. Smeltz, Cum Laude

Brian C. Solliday

Juan F. Soto

Aedan R. Stranahan

Emma M. Tacon

Anne Gaillard Teague

Boyd M. Thames, Jr.

Jordan L. Travis, Magna Cum Laude

Phillip C. Travis

Brianna Marie Weis, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Natalie L. Welch, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Lisa R. Wright


Madeleine M. Ackels, Summa Cum Laude

Onoahon A. Agbi

Stephene G. Alft

Pete J. Amraen

Sebastian P. Arias

Jenia Nicole Bello

Johnathan E. Billings, Cum Laude

Gregory K. Birch

Bryanna L. Biszewski

Grady Blanks

Fritz P. Boudreaux III

Kathryn Breland, Cum Laude

Conner Farragut Bueche

Geoffrey L. Bunting

Susan H. Burger

Chandler L. Burkenstock, Cum Laude

James Patrick Butler

Kaitlin M. Carpenter

Savannah H. Chamblee

Nicholas H. Chaney, Magna Cum Laude

Julia M. Cieutat

Abigail R. Coakley

Austin M Connally

Zachary Cunningham

Margaret M. Dalessio

Dylan R. Day

Nicholas James De Felice

Dustin R. Dearmon

Tyler M. Dillon

Christina E. Dojan, Magna Cum Laude

Katherine Louise Dolan, Cum Laude

Robert D. Drummond III

Taylor M. Eads

Cole T Enmon

Jacob K. Files, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

William T. Floros, Magna Cum Laude

Jackson A. Fos, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Kyle R. Freeman

Gregory T. Gargula

Ian A. Garrison, Cum Laude

Margaret Elizabeth Geraci, Cum Laude

Eduardo Gonzalez

Lauren A. Gonzalez, Cum Laude

Amber A. Gorden

Taylor R. Gravolet, Honors Program

Elizabeth M Gregory

Nicholas T Guidry

Emily A. Hansen, Cum Laude

Natalie E. Harper

Elliot Baileigh Harris

Michael Hayes

Trent M. Hayes, Cum Laude

Bethany L. Hellmers, Honors Program

Terence J. Hinton

Brady E. Hitt

Emily M. Hollander, Magna Cum Laude

Mason S Hutson

Paige E. Hymel, Cum Laude

Kaila N. Johnson

Alex J Jones, Cum Laude

Julisa A. Kidd

Rebekah A. Kisiah

Ian W. Konrad

Julie Kressig, Summa Cum Laude

Katherine M. Kuhn

Tyler E. LaPointe

Taylor R. Lahasky, Summa Cum Laude

Patrick K. Lameka, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Melvin Lang II

Catherine A. Laughlin, Cum Laude

Bonnie K. LeNoir, Magna Cum Laude, Honors Program

Joseph L. Leavitt V

Brittany L. Lee, Cum Laude

Seamus O. Link

Lauren E. Locklier

Lillian C. Loys

Jacob A. Malkoff

Brooke E. McDonald, Cum Laude

Andrew L. McInnis, Cum Laude

Jill Elaine McIntosh

Brennan M. McLean

Rachel A. McNeil

Casey E. McSweeney

Timothy P. McSweeney

Leah Elizabeth McDonald, Honors Program

Alexander A. Mestre, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Hannah Elizabeth Michael, Cum Laude

Huey H. Miller III, Magna Cum Laude

Haleigh J. Minto

Lloyd B. Mohney

Alexandra Paige Moorehead, Magna Cum Laude

Zsaree I. Morrissette

Mark R. Mullen, Summa Cum Laude

Edgar L. Nah

Courtney T. Nall

Amber M. Nelson, Cum Laude

John T. Nguyen

Chrystal Norwood

Bridget M. Nourse, Summa Cum Laude

Nicolas Francisco Olvera

Lucila M. Ortiz Sepulveda, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Hailey T. Owen

Esperanza G. Pace

Wesley M. Parrish

Austin D. Patton

Katherine M Pennington

Madeline C. Perseghin, Magna Cum Laude

Wesley R. Pietri, Magna Cum Laude

Gerardo J. Portela

Grant M. Quinlan

Karrie M. Quirin, Summa Cum Laude

Harsha M. Raju, Cum Laude

Mallory M. Raulerson

Shelby N. Ray

Stephen W. Ray

Benjamin J. Redman

Lauren M. Ritcey

Jordan Elaine Rogan

Keelin Ann Rooney, Cum Laude

Matthew T. Russo, Cum Laude

Alexandria C. Ryals

Caroline E. Sagrera, Summa Cum Laude

Lauren V. Schaffer

Mary C. Schwing

Jazzmine B. Scott

Alexander Thomas Segatta

Katherine Grace Simoneaux, Summa Cum Laude

Rachel T. Sims, Cum Laude

Alexandra L. Sinkus

Alex P. Smith

Austin J. Smith, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Andrew Lawrence Solliday

Arianne E. Stallings, Cum Laude

Dejan Stefanovic, Cum Laude

Erin A. Sullivan

Haley R. Sylvester

Jacqueline T. Talley

Emily F. Thrush

Robert Louis Treuting, Magna Cum Laude

Jennifer Lynn Walsh

Catherine M. Wanschek

Anthony M. Weaver

Garrett A. Webb, Cum Laude

Rebecca Elizabeth Weis, Cum Laude, Honors Program

Emily M. Wellmeier, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Carson George Westerfield, Magna Cum Laude

Susanna C. Whitman, Cum Laude

Clare Amelia Wojda, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Program

Racheal E. Younce, Cum Laude


Caroline E. Avera

Kaitlyn D. Blais

Joel A. Cardenas

Michael T. Cochran

Abigail J. Heap

Emily R. Lynch

Noah C. McKenzie

Elizabeth V. Moore

Kendall E. Moulds

Kayla B. Owens, Magna Cum Laude

Krista H. Owens, Magna Cum Laude

Rebecca R. Perera


Thomas G. Tehan

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