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Important Update Regarding Hurricane Irma

As of now (9/9/17: 3:30pm) Hurricane Irma is forecast to remain East and North of Mobile.  We may get some blustery winds Monday and Tuesday, but the major problems are all east of us.  We currently are planning on normal operations for the campus.  If that changes, we will alert everyone using all of our communications channels.

Right now, we are in the process of accommodating evacuees from Florida (college athletic teams and some families) in our spare housing facilities.  There will be many people temporarily on campus who won't know their way around.  Please be aware of this and be helpful to all who are trying to escape this storm.

We have a Badger Day for prospective students and their families on Sunday afternoon and that is still scheduled.  We do not anticipate any weather changes until closer to Monday, and then they are supposed to be minor here.

We will keep everyone posted as new developments are known.

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