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"REACH for the Avenue" event begins seniors' journey to graduation

BY Brandon Myers '18

The culmination of four long years of hard work will come on May 5, 2018 as the Class of 2018 will walk down the Avenue of the Oaks and cement their legacy at Spring Hill College. On a recent afternoon in Byrne Hall, those seniors took their first steps towards graduation at the “REACH for the Avenue” event.

REACH is a year-long opportunity for senior students to reflect upon and integrate their experiences inside and outside the classroom through showcasing their work in an ePortfolio. REACH is a part of the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience (CUE), housed in the Office of Academic Affairs, supporting the intellectual, spiritual, social and professional development of undergraduate students.

With officially 226 days until graduation, the senior class was invited to gather and discuss important information for individuals planning to graduate in 2018. “REACH for the Avenue” featured presentations by the Registrar's Office, Pathways to Purpose, Career Development and the Center for Student Involvement. Over 80 eager students gathered for the informal meeting as information was shared on REACH requirements, finalizing graduation and upcoming events. Mike Freyaldenhoven, Director of Student Involvement, highlighted the importance of placing the event in Byrne Hall. “We place this event in this building because it is where seniors start their journey to graduation on the day of Commencement,” stated Freyaldenhoven. 

Senior Courtney Willamor spoke about the importance of REACH and its impact on her. Willamor said, “I think REACH goes beyond graduation. It is a chance to reflect upon my last four years and start to build a foundation for my future.” When asked how she plans on using REACH throughout the rest of her senior year, Willamor explained, “I plan on implementing the values and skillsets that REACH will reveal to me in order to further my education.”

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