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Spring Hill College announces three new academic programs for 2019-20

Spring Hill College announced this week the beginning of three new academic programs for the next school year. Beginning in fall 2019, students will have the option of choosing concentrations in Environmental Studies, Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. While Environmental Studies is interdisciplinary and will be directed by several divisions, Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics are programs in the Division of Business.

Students who choose Environmental Studies will learn how to understand the impacts of environmental change in the world. Using modes of inquiry from all academic disciplines -- Biology and Mathematics, the Social Sciences, Literature, Theology, Ethics and the Communication Arts -- students will prepare to lead their communities to make sound and just decisions in response to environmental challenges.

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) program will equip students with the management skills needed to be able to control the flow of goods and services within industries. The movement and storage of raw materials, works-in-process and finished goods, from the point of origin to the point of consumption, falls within the scope of SCM. Since most organizations are part of supply chains, they employ SCM professionals who strive to reduce materials and transportation costs, while optimizing efficiency through distribution channels.

Business Analytics is a combination of statistics and mathematical computing logic applied to business issues in real-life. It is the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making a data-driven or fact-based decision. These analytics have enabled organizations to solve critical business problems faster and more accurately than ever before. 

For more information about these or other majors and opportunities at Spring Hill College, visit our website.

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