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Pre-Engineering at a liberal arts college? Yes, Spring Hill College can do that.

Spring Hill College’s Pre-Engineering degree program allows students broad exposure to an exemplary liberal arts education before transferring to a larger engineering school for degree completion. Students benefit from Spring Hill’s unique atmosphere and Jesuit heritage for their initial years of extensive training in mathematics and science, preparing for success in an engineering-based program of study.

Currently, Spring Hill has engineering dual-degree agreements with Auburn University, the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, Marquette University, University of Alabama in Birmingham, University of Florida and University of South Alabama. These affiliated engineering schools have an agreement with the College whereby the transfer and application of credits from Spring Hill coursework is applicable toward completing the engineering degree program at each school.

Engineering drawings
Engineering drawings

“Getting a liberal arts education, faculty mentorship, the full SHC experience and the major that you want is the number one benefit of the dual enrollment for Pre-Engineering,” said Elizabeth Thomason, an Admissions Counselor who specializes in the program. “It’s the best of both worlds.” 

Students normally apply for acceptance to one of these schools during their final semester of coursework at Spring Hill College, which is typically the spring semester of the third year of studies. Spring Hill College will award a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (Dual-degree) simultaneous with the awarding of the Bachelor of Engineering degree from the affiliated school when the student has completed all requirements at Spring Hill and one of these engineering schools. “Students have three years to focus on their math and science courses before they have to decide what discipline within engineering they want to pursue,” continued Thomason. “It's also another way to get into highly competitive engineering programs.”

“While Spring Hill College does not have an Engineering Department, it does offer introductory and upper-level courses in all areas fundamental to engineering training,” said Spring Hill President E. Joseph Lee II, PhD. “This affords many opportunities for those who seek the wholeness of a Jesuit, liberal arts atmosphere and wish to advance their talents in engineering elsewhere.”

The dual-engineering program emphasizes coursework in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. These courses form the basic curriculum of the early years of any engineering program and are offered regularly by various departments.

For more information about the dual-degree Pre-Engineering program at Spring Hill College, please contact the Office of Admissions at 251-380-3030 or email ethomason@shc.edu.

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