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Spring Hill College Magazine

Spring Hill College Magazine
Fall/Winter 2017

Cover Story

“People are our textbooks” was a favorite and frequent phrase heard from Rev. Albert S. Foley, SJ, who positively altered Spring Hill College history from the time he first arrived on campus in the late 1930s. The Foley Community Service Center, which bears his name, is celebrating 25 years of coordinating social justice outreach and community service in the Mobile area community.


“Bienvenido,” “Chào mừng” or “Hoşgeldiniz” may be more familiar, but for Mobile area adults learning English as a second language (ESL) through the Foley Community Service Center, a student-volunteer’s smile translates to “Welcome” as they enter the classroom.

In the summer of 2015, the Spring Hill College Division of Business was in a state of flux and, as the new Division Chair, James Larriviere, PhD, wanted to grow the program in a way that would benefit students the most. The team added a role focused on internships as well as classes and programs geared toward career readiness.

Another new feature of the Division of Business is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management that launched in fall 2017. Logistics and computer science expert Sam Khoury, PhD, serves as Director of the new program, which launched with 38 students.

On Sept. 2, 2017, Rev. Christopher Viscardi, SJ, celebrated 50 years as a member of the Society of Jesus. He came to Spring Hill College almost 40 years ago and has become a cornerstone of the Theology Department, ministering to students and the Mobile community alike.

In keeping with the Jesuit tradition of excellence in education and the emphasis of enhancing learning through experience, Career Development has opened many doors for Spring Hill students through internships that facilitate long-term relationships with employers.

Alia K. Nardini, PhD, is an Italian Professor who teaches Political Science and International Relations at the Bologna-based SHC Italy Center. The following is an excerpt of an article Nardini wrote about the experience of arranging for five former students to serve on the front lines of the migrant crisis.

A collaboration between a faculty member and a student culminated in the birth of Spring Hill College’s “Purple and White” fight song in 1930. Today, almost 90 years later, a version of the original fight song is still used on campus.


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