Statement of Solidarity with Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Dear Spring Hill College family,

We join in prayer for those who were killed during this week’s shootings in Georgia. Eight people lost their lives, including six Asian-American women.

While the motivation for these killings is still being investigated, it elevates the need to support any community that may be targeted through acts of hate, racism, or social injustice. The fear and pain caused by these events in Georgia are very real. But they are not isolated events. Rather a disheartening pattern that should be denounced. We stand in solidarity with the Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities here on campus and wherever we connect with them in our lives.

Since 1830, Spring Hill College has stood for the rights of all people to live equally and without hate. It is our faith-based duty to apply these principles throughout our lives and not just when we’re on campus. We are committed through our mission to the pursuit of truth, the dignity of life, the demands of justice, and the mystery of God’s love.

As the Spring Hill family, we come together to do better and be better for all those around us, every day. Let us continue that commitment. It’s not a journey that has a beginning or an end. But rather one we travel every day, with Christ by our side.

Spring Hill College’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Team is working tirelessly with our College community to heighten our awareness, action, and support of any member who may be experiencing any form of discrimination.

If you need support, reach out to a member of DIAT, contact Campus Ministry, or the College’s Wellness Center.

We will continue to pray for any victims of discrimination and for our pursuit of equality and justice.


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