The goal of disc golf–like standard golf–is to traverse a course in as few swings (or throws) as possible. The course is composed of a marked area where the golfer stands and throws a disc to get into a basket target. 

Spring Hill College’s disc golf course spans across campus and is visible from main campus areas. It ranges from the woods by Mirror Lake to the Avenue of the Oaks and everything in between. 

This thrilling and rigorous course is taking the disc golfing community to a whole new level. The Center for Student Involvement also has disc golf sets available for reservation. From 214 feet to 516 feet, uphill, downhill, around trees, and over ditches, this course is an exciting adventure. Experience the beauty of Spring Hill College’s campus through a round of disc golf!

Overview of the Course Holes

Hole 1- 321ft

Hole 2- 295ft

Hole 3- 255ft

Hole 4- 214ft

Hole 5- 256ft

Hole 6- 496ft

Hole 7- 238ft

Hole 8- 278ft

Hole 9- 243ft

Hole 10- 394ft

Hole 11- 335ft

Hole 12- 235ft

Hole 13- 300ft

Hole 14- 265ft

Hole 15- 261ft

Hole 16- 350ft

Hole 17- 392ft

Hole 18- 516ft

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