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Pre-Law m

Minor in Pre-Law

A pre-law minor from Spring Hill College is great preparation for any student considering going to law school. Explore courses in justice, American political thought, and civil liberties. Participate in Supreme Court simulations with practicing attorneys and judges from around the Gulf Coast area.

This SHC minor is designed to enhance the three basic skills needed to succeed in law school: creative and analytical thinking, understanding governmental and societal institutions, and the comprehension and use of language.

Students who graduate with a minor in pre-law complete 4 required courses and 3 electives for a total of 21 credit hours.

Required Courses (12 Credits)

  • CMM 150 Introduction to Public Speaking OR
  • BUS 210 Business Communication
  • POL 112 Introduction to American Politics
  • POL 340 Constitutional Law OR
  • POL 342 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • POL 381/351 or Western Political Philosophy I OR
  • POL 382/352 Western Political Philosophy II

Electives (Choose 3)

  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS 301 Business Law I
  • PHL 316 Justice
  • PHL 350 Philosophy of Law
  • POL 283 American Political Thought
  • POL 341 Judicial Process and Procedures
  • SAS 303 Pre-Law Internship
  • SOC 353 Criminology

  • POL 393 Internship in Government and Politics
  • SOC 483 Sociology of Law


Alexis Esnault '15

I like the idea of helping people understand their constitutional rights, and making sure that everyone has the opportunity for appropriate legal representation. My courses have been incredibly beneficial in teaching me to problem-solve, live with integrity, think critically, and never stop asking questions.

— Alexis Esnault '15

Heather Houston '02

There are so many reasons that I'm proud to be a Spring Hill College alumna. When I meet new people and they learn I’m a SHC graduate, they always comment on the academic excellence for which Spring Hill College is known, the beautiful campus that is unsurpassed, or the strength of the Jesuit tradition.

— Heather Houston '02

Factors to Consider in Preparation for Law School

  • Leadership experience
  • Achieving a high GPA
  • Scoring well on the LSAT
  • Securing faculty recommendation letters
  • Personal essay & writing skills

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 2 full time
  • Clubs: Student Government Association, Political Science and International Studies Club, Springhillian Newspaper
  • Honor Societies: Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Iota Rho
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