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Social Science M

Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Love history, geography, and political science? Considering a career teaching at the high school level?

Add depth to your knowledge through the study of psychology, foreign policy, culture, and economics with a degree in Social Sciences at Spring Hill College.

Where We Work

  • WWII Museum, New Orleans
  • Attorney, Bay St. Louis, Miss
  • Historic Locust Grove Museum, Louisville, KY
  • Tennessee Temple University

Badgers in Grad School

  • Queen’s College, Belfast
  • Indiana University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Tennessee Temple University


Mark Brink '13

I have honestly never had a professor or a class that I have not found enriching, challenging and enjoyable in some way, shape or form.

— Mark Brink '13

Chrissy Baynham '09

The guidance the SHC faculty provides and the effort they made to go the extra mile really fueled my interests and eagerness to learn.

— Chrissy Baynham '09

Fast Facts

Number of Faculty: 10

Popular Second Majors: Education

Program Emphasis: History

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