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Badgers Back 2020-21

Resources and Planning for Spring 2021

Our goal is to ensure that we offer every student the opportunity to experience the transformative Spring Hill College Jesuit, Catholic education, while observing the necessary COVID-19 protocols for the health and safety of the campus community.

Badgers Back 2020-21: Flexible Teaching Plans and Details

Spring Hill College launched its plans for a full return to campus this August for all our students, with flexibility as a focus. The College’s Spring 2021 semester will provide a flexible teaching plan that, depending on academic, social or COVID-19 circumstances, allows every student a mix of in-person, online and hybrid teaching.

SHC is committed to offering face-to-face, classroom instruction in as many courses as possible. In those instances where social distancing may make it necessary, classes may also be offered:

  1. Fully online (the student may be on or off-campus, but attendance in a physical classroom is unnecessary)
  2. Hybrid (course instruction will take place online and in-person with the faculty member determining the amount of each)
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