Program Overview

Intrigued with criminal investigation, working in a forensic lab, or providing intelligence support for a police force? Explore the different components of forensics through the interdisciplinary study of biology, psychology, sociology, and justice at Spring Hill College.

According to the American Academy of Forensic Science, there is an increasing demand for individuals trained in forensic science, who specifically can apply advances in science and technology to criminal investigation with the purpose of solving crimes.

Students who graduate with a minor in forensics complete 5 required courses and 2 electives for a minimum of 21 credit hours.


On Campus


21 Credits

Average Class Size:



Chemistry Club, Psychology Club

Program Goals

This interdisciplinary minor gives students insight into the criminal justice system, forensic sciences, and the psychological side of crime. This is a great minor for students in chemistry, sociology, psychology, political science, or pre-law as it gives a thorough understanding of the multitude of fields that go into maintaining the criminal justice system.

Career Outlook

Students with a minor in forensics can go on to work in labs, depending on their major, or work with different social justice organizations. This program is very flexible and applicable to a variety of professional fields.


“If you have an interest in law or crime, SHC forensics classes are great to take because they fulfill lab credits and are super fun. Whenever I say I’m taking forensic science classes, people are always impressed that I can do blood spatter analysis and determine DNA.” — Brianna Weis


  • Paula Celis-Salazar

    Assistant Professor

  • Larry Shirley


  • Mark Byrne

    Division Chair of Science and Mathematics

  • Charles Chester

    Associate Professor

  • Donald Culberson

    Associate Professor

  • Rebecca Fillmore

    Associate Professor, Department Chair of Biology

  • Deborah Fox

    Associate Professor

  • Paul Kohnen

    Associate Professor; Department Chair, Biology

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  • We’re curious and inspired – Forbes Magazine has ranked Spring Hill College as one of the top ten best colleges for return on investment (ROI). In our class of 2021, 92% of graduates attained placement six months after graduation through employment, graduate/professional school, internship or service.
  • We’re doers – Our students contribute 24,000 hours on average to the local community through the Foley Center each year. 100% of the 2020 graduates that applied to medical school were accepted. Spring Hill College has a 100% certification rate and a 92% placement rate with our Education program over the last five years.

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